Ready, Set, Farm!

Aquaculture Business Incubator Taking Proposals in San Diego

In the interest of promoting local business and sustainable seafood, the Port of San Diego has created a process to support local development concepts with their first business incubator – and it’s aimed at aquaculture. The Aquaculture Business Incubator will further the Port’s broader mission to promote fisheries, commerce, navigation, and recreation, by focusing on aquaculture partnerships. And they are ready to receive proposals immediately.

The time and monetary commitments for permitting new aquaculture projects can be very high. Coupled with the large capital investments in location, construction, equipment, and staff, the uncertain costs of environmental review, monitoring, and reporting can dampen investment. The Port of San Diego hopes to shoulder some of that startup burden through their business incubator. This shared effort will both support local businesses and foster a collaborative approach that can improve shared knowledge and allow for better spatial planning.

The Port of San Diego takes a huge step toward supporting and revitalizing its local waterfronts and may have provided an example for other ports by encouraging sustainable, environmentally and economically responsible aquaculture developments in California.

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