2017 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Competition Webinar – August 17th

The 2017 Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant Competition is here, and NOAA is hosting a webinar to prepare applicants to get through the application process.

Approximately $10 million will be available to support fisheries projects in this grant competition.  The proposal process is open on Grants.gov on July 22, 2016, and will close on December 9, 2016.  New for this year is the requirement to submit a pre-proposal in advance of a full proposal submission.  The pre-proposal process is intended to provide an indication to potential applicants of the technical merit and the relevancy of the proposed project to the SK program before preparing a full proposal.

Pre-proposals for the 2017 SK solicitation are due on September 20, 2016, and should be sent via email to NMFS.SK.PreProposals@noaa.gov.

The webinar will cover SK objectives, 2017 priorities, the application process and timeline for this year’s solicitation. It be held on August 17, 2016, 3:00pm Eastern Time (12:00pm Pacific Time)

Conference Phone:
Participant Code: 6042534

Topic: SK Townhall
Event number: 662 403 824
Event password: Garfo123!

The goal of the SK program is to fund projects that address the needs of fishing communities, optimize economic benefits by building and maintaining sustainable fisheries, and increase other opportunities to keep working waterfronts viable.  The 2017 SK solicitation seeks applicants that fall into seven priorities:

  • Marine Aquaculture
  • Fishery Data Collection
  • Techniques for reducing bycatch and other adverse impacts
  • Adapting to climate change and other long term ecosystem change
  • Promotion, development, and marketing
  • Socio-economic research
  • Territorial science

Please see the solicitation for more information on How to Apply.