HATCH – Episode 3

Join Hatch June 10th, 2020 at 5pm EST/2PM EST 11PM CEST. Hatch will be available online through Facebook or Youtube, questions can be in the event group or send them via messenger during the discussion.

Hatch will feature two (2) special guests from NOAA:

Paul Doremus, PhD, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations at NOAA Fisheries and NOAA Lead for Seafood Production and Aquaculture and Michael Rubino, PhD, Senior Advisor for Seafood Strategy for top-level insights into NOAA and their aquaculture plans.

Please submit questions early, as there are likely to be many!

Insight into this weeks discussion:

A predictable regulatory framework- The Role of NOAA as we look to expand Domestic offshore aquaculture in the United States

A predictable regulatory framework and National Standards for aquaculture production are critical to the competitiveness of the American seafood industry, which currently faces a seafood trade deficit of $14 billion.

What is the role of NOAA as stated by the Executive Order and the forthcoming Bipartisan Bill introduced into congress Establish National Standards for Offshore Aquaculture.

The AQUAA Act would establish National Standards for sustainable offshore aquaculture and clarify a regulatory pathway for offshore aquaculture in the U.S. exclusive economic zone (EEZ) which will support growth of the domestic offshore aquaculture industry. All of which flow through NOAA. Hear directly from them on this important effort and the emerging importance of their role.