So why exactly, does California aquaculture matter?

harvesting oysters
Hog Island Oyster harvest, Tomales Bay. Photo Ed Anderson
  • Done well, aquaculture is an efficient and environmentally sustainable way of meeting our growing demand for seafood (over 90% of US seafood is imported). Seafood is delicious and good for you, but there aren’t enough wild fish in the oceans to meet our appetite.
  • And when we say efficient, did you know that it takes less feed and space to raise a pound of fish than a pound of beef, pork, or poultry? Aquaculture yields more food using fewer resources.
  • Aquaculture is not just about producing food: Farmers provide fish and other products for recreation, companionship, and nutritional and biomedical therapies as well.

Doing aquaculture well takes the cooperation of innovative producers and regulators working to maintain California’s high economic, environmental, and quality standards. It also means protecting public health, ecosystems, and resources for generations ahead.

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