Sacramento Perch: New Look at a California Original

IMG_4955Sacramento Perch (Archoplites interruptus) is the only native sunfish west of the Rockies, and are a prized gamefish that can reach sizes in excess of 3 pounds.

SacPerch Benton 6-12-2015 (29 of 35)Sacramento Perch historically were found throughout the Delta, rivers and sloughs of the valley floor and Clear Lake. Although no longer found in their historic range they can be found in a number of reservoirs throughout the state including places like Crowley Lake (Mono County), Lake Almanor (Plumas County), and Bridgeport Reservoir (Mono County).


Angling techniques and seasons for Sacramento Perch are similar to those used for crappie and other sunfishes. Flies, crappie jigs, and small hooks with small bits of bait are best bets during the spring and fall.


CDFW is collaborating with researchers and private aquaculturists to maintain robust genetic diversity and captively breed Sac Perch to re-establish this prized California gamefish.

Partnering commercial farms may, in the future, supply hobbyists interested in aquaponics, and live seafood markets seeking a new, appetizing panfish.

CDFW Fish Hatcheries are Hiring!

Aquaculture job posting photo bannerDr. Mark Clifford, statewide environmental program manager for trout and salmon production, has shared this announcement, inviting qualified applicants to state service in the Department’s fish hatchery system:

The following exams are now being offered to qualify for positions working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Specifically we are looking for exceptional candidates for our Statewide Hatchery Coordinator position and for positions as Fish and Wildlife Technicians at both inland and anadromous hatcheries.

  • Click here to learn about the Senior Environmental Scientist (specialist) series that is the classification for our Statewide Hatchery Coordinator.  The Statewide Hatchery Coordinator position will be filled in coming months and candidates must be on the eligible list by taking the exam. The exam is a self-appraisal performed on the CalCareers website.   Click here if you are new to California state service.  For questions on this position, contact Dr. Mark Clifford at 530-918-9450 or
  • Click here to learn about the Fish and Wildlife Technician series that is the classification for our non-managerial hatchery staff.  To apply in time for the next scheduled exam, you must submit a Standard State Application (Form 678), postmarked by the Final Filing Date of July 18, 2017.  Click here if you are new to California state service.

Information on several careers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife can be found here.  Address any questions regarding these exams to the Human Resources Branch at (916) 653-8120.