U.S. Fish and Wildlife Proposes Listing 11 Nonnative Freshwater Species as Injurious

Prussian Carp

Prussian Carp, Photo Credit: CAFS

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced a proposed rule for the listing of 11 nonnative freshwater species that have the potential to be highly invasive. Taking a proactive approach in hopes that early listing will prevent:

“harm to our freshwater habitats and our native species, as well as to the local economies these natural resources support.”

The proposed rule public comment period until December 29, 2015, please click for more information and to read the proposed rule.

Common Names of 11 Species Proposed
  • crucian carp
  • Eurasian minnow
  • Prussian carp
  • roach
  • stone moroko
  • Nile perch
  • Amur sleeper
  • European perch
  • zander
  • wels catfish
  • common yabby