Aquaculture farmers help Green Abalone restoration

Photo: Mindy Schauer, Staff Photographer OC Register

Photo: Mindy Schauer, Staff Photographer OC Register

The Orange County Register highlights the work of Nancy Caruso, founder of Get Inspired Inc. With the goal of restoring populations of Green Abalone in Southern California; Nancy is collaborating with aquariums, classrooms, and aquaculture farmers. The long term project proposes to collect abalone brood stock, captive spawn, grow larvae to adult size, and then out-plant along the coast of Southern California.

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California Shellfish Initiative Seeks to Improve Climate For Farmers and Regulators

harvesting oysters

Courtesy of Hog Island Oyster Co.

Thirty years ago in Tomales Bay, John Finger started an oyster farm with just $500. But, today he acknowledges it is much more difficult to start a shellfish company in California.

“Starting was easier back in the day,” he told an audience of shellfish growers, government regulators and other aquaculture stakeholders. “Expanding business is an onerous process. How do we reconcile industry and regulatory needs?”

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